Hi Martin, Hoping you can support meI am Live in Egypt. Owned a 2008 – Martin Winterkorn email address

mazhar sent a message to Martin Winterkorn CEO, Volkswagen Group that said:

Hi Martin,
Hoping you can support me
I am Live in Egypt. Owned a 2008 Jetta previously - loved it. Thought we were upgrading by buying a new 2012 Passat .DSG 7 The transmission failed in the town street so I was very lucky, as my most driving in the high ways and it could have been a bad situation. I transmitted the car to Volkswagen service center in Abou Rawash. I spent more than six hours waiting to hear the problem details and if they will replace transmission board or software reset or what?
They informed me that “transmission board failure “meta-tronics board” and I have to wait at least three weeks to repair the fault as they will import the board from Germany
With Zero cost as this is manufacture error

I heard from many customers that this failure is repeatable at this car model. I need a reliable car and now I dont trust it at all!!! Should a $33,000 car's transmission fail at 72000 km. i will lose much during these three weeks waiting the car? As I worked as service manager at Xerox Egypt and I cannot understand that customer should wait three weeks. Why the board not available in stores in Egypt while the engine problem is repeatedly related to the control board
I will inform my colleges in Xerox Egypt and everyone not to buy Passat by this way of problem handling
There are emergency order and DHL order for spare parts

The car in Abou Rawash service center dated 24/6/2015 and till now no one feed me back about the expected repair date

I have tried to call them but no one answer my call till now

So, I have raised this complain

I am horribly disappointed with all that has happened

Please support me to solve my problem as I am in badly needed for my car or forward this message to the person who can support me .

Attached the vehicle data and the job order in abou Rawash service center

Contact Information:

Name : Mazhar

Title : Production Mgr -Xerox Egypt


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