Hi Matt. I\'m a proud owner and love my bike. Since the days of my – Matthew S Levatich email address

Mike Harvey sent a message to Matthew S. Levatich - President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Hi Matt. Im a proud owner and love my bike. Since the days of my father riding, me and my brother enjoy getting out to create our own wind! That said, i see that sales are down, and while im shocked, because of the character of the bike, and what it stands for, i think i see why. My two cents - leather, chains and skulls. Most products i see are all skulls, bones, which has a completely different presentation now - personally, i dont buy them. Wondering if the brand continues to market to older riders and missing out on the 31-45 group - who look at the bike, but think harley is for old people . Co-workers see me on my bike, im 1 month away from 50 (the new 37!) and though they like it, they are talking Indian. Are there any thoughts of changing the marketing/brand to attract younger riders? Love to help in anyway i can.

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