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Hi Michael O’Leary- For many years my husband and l have travelled with Ryanair to – Michael OLeary email address

Amanda sent a message to Michael O’Leary CEO, Ryanair that said:

Hi Michael O'Leary,
For many years my husband and l have travelled with Ryanair to Gran Canaria and cannot fault your service. This year we have a flight booked to GC from Bournemouth on 19th September. But it is now impossible for us to go as my disabled daughter has to go into hospital for a major operation next week and will need my help when she comes out. On top of that my faithful 12 yr old dog has been diagnosed with liver cancer....she is still happy and lively at moment so no way can l have her put to sleep. I booked my flights through a travel agent and asked if its possible to put this flight off until next year....maybe march or September. They say its impossible to do this as it can only be changed in the same season which is around the end of October I believe. Is there any way that you can allow me to change my our flights to next year? I'm not asking for a refund....just a change of date until next year. I have paid £450 in total with checked baggage and reserved seats. I really can't afford to lose this money. Is there anyway you can help....please!
Many Thanks

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