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Hi Mr Carlos,

I am a customer of Nissan whom had just bought my Qashqai 2 months ago. Upon receiving my car, I found there is a chip on the passenger rear door and also anther on the bonnet. The SA asked me to send my car to workshop for access and they have to hold my car for 1 day to complete the paint work.

1 week later I send in my car for ceramic coating to a external party and he told me that the paint work on the fender of both side has “dead paint” which means the surface is not smooth like other. So again I went back to workshop and check with them. The paint specialist told me that this is normal from factory, I have never expect that Nissan produce such type of paint work for new cars.
I have no choice but to send my new car for polishing and waxing to smoothen the surface.

Just after the 1st 1000KM servicing, the brake light on the indicator light up twice and also the reverse camera image is distorted, so I send in the car again today and they spend the whole day to rectify this problem and replace the reverse camera.

All these incidents has greatly reduced my confidence in Nissan products as the brake failure almost caused me an accident and the repeated visits to the workshop has caused great convenience to my life. I have feedback all these to my sales advisor but the reply was always “I will feedback to my boss” and nothing was done as a service recovery till now which shows that Nissan do not value their customers.

I hope that the higher management can look into such cases as there is no channel for consumer to highlight their frustrations.

Kind regards,

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