Hi, Mr. Easterbrook, I want to bring to your attention the restaurant location in Mount – Steve Easterbrook email address

Gloria sent a message to Steve Easterbrook- CEO of McDonald’s email address that said:

Hi, Mr. Easterbrook,

I want to bring to your attention the restaurant location in Mount Washington, KY 40047.

You may remember them as the restaurant that had a multi-million dollar lawsuit against them for doing terrible things to one of their young female employees.

I want you to know that this is the restaurant that I want to bring to your attention, again..

The restaurant staff has a practice of serving expired food that should be thrown in the garbage and the managers chuckle about it when they are approached with our concerns. They simply blame it on the teens and say that the kids are lazy.

This morning, my husband stopped by for breakfast. Now, let me explain that my guy is not a picky man. He will eat anything that isn't nailed down. But, the food that they served them was so bad, that my husband handed it back to them and left. They served my husband sausage and pancakes. The pancakes were frozen and the sausage was so dark and dried up that it was inedible. He said it appeared to have been re-cooked several times and was black.

And, please know, this shouldn't be happening at all. They are a very busy restaurant and with the least amount of guidance their food should be fresh and hot!

Also, you should know that we have learned to ask for everything to be dropped fresh. But, that is just the first step in the process.

When they hand the order to us, we ask if it was dropped fresh. Most of the time, the employee will have a perplexed look but, will then state that it was dropped fresh.

But, when we check the food, it is not at all hot, it is the old food that has been setting for hours on end.
The food is not hot, the buns are hard and crunchy and it is very unappetizing.

When, we bring it to their attention and they will touch the food when we request that they do so and, they will agree that it wasn't dropped fresh after all.

Then, they will have us to wait while they actually do make the food fresh and it is given to us hot and edible.

You should know that they don't do this once in a while. They do this every time that we place an order! And, there is never any concern, never an apology, never any indication that they did anything that would warrant any concern.

The staff has no ethical concerns about lying to customers and they seem quite comfortable with the process.

And, that hey are comfortable serving food that should have been tossed in the garbage.

I would love it if the owner of this location was removed and a new owner given an opportunity to run the restaurant correctly.

If not, please send someone that that will straighten out this train wreck!

The owner, the managers and the entire staff should be trained and obligated to serve their food according to McDonald's guidelines or standards.

And, they should be trained in ethics!

Thank you for listening to me.

I would welcome a call from anyone at corporate but, I don't want to talk with anyone from the restaurant. They have proven themselves to be dishonest and unconcerned.

With kindest regards,

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