Hi Mr. Ellison I managed to finish my MBA after a car accident. I hate – Larry Ellison email address

Saprina  sent a message to Larry Ellison Co-Founder and CEO, Oracle Corporation – email address that said:

Hi Mr. Ellison I managed to finish my MBA after a car accident. I hate to appear desparate however, i'm in debt of $150,000. I had surgery Nov.8, 2016 will have my last surgery Jan.30, 2017. I work part-time from home making $9 but only getting 25 hours a week. I'm laid off from my full time job but continued my insurance but when you continue your insurance it's through Cobra I've spent my savings paying Cobra $547 a month. My surgery will be At least $30,000 I haven't met my deductible of $1,750. I'm currently past due on Dec.1, 2016 payment now I'm late on Jan.1, 2017 payment with only $492 in the bank. True enough we live in a black mold infested home but this surgery debt problem is stressing me out because I won't be able to work for at least 8 weeks will no longer have my part-time job may lose my car because I won't be able to afford the $358 monthly car note or my life insurance I pay every 3 months that is only $88 or the $800 car insurance I pay every 6 months due in March. My back is against the wall so to speak. I moved back home with my mother but she is barely making it that's why she/we can't afford a better home that doesn't have mold, holes in the ceiling, walls. I couldn't think of an eye catching poem or anything because I'm just so overwhelmed with depression in how I can help myself but my hands are tied. Please please if you can find it in your heart to help anyone please help me. I can provide any paperwork needed. Sincerely Someone in Need!! Saprina

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