Hi Mr. Ghosn, I am writing to ask your help in buying a 2015 – Carlos Ghosn email address

Shannon sent a message to Carlos Ghosn President and CEO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. – email address that said:

Hi Mr. Ghosn,

I am writing to ask your help in buying a 2015 pathfinder Sfrom a dealership in Woodbridge Virginia. The dealerships name is Cowles Nissan. They have it advertised on their website for $23,888. When I went to go buy the vehicle they added an extra $5000 of incentives that I was not qualified for. They say the absolute lowest they can go is $27,000 for this car. I am an absolute love with this vehicle and if there's anyway you can help me get this car for $26,000 or less out the door. I would be grateful. I know you're a busy man in the seams probably very trivial to you but I'm not a rich woman and I've never owned a new vehicle in my life. I was wondering if there's anything you can do. I also wanted to remind you that this car has absolutely no options to it either. It has no sunroof, it has no back up camera, it has no navigation system, it is just a base model Pathfinder. They added $900 freight, if they added $600 because I'm not in the military, they added $600 because I'm not a recent college graduate, and they added an appearance package for $600 which apparently is the pinstripe in the wheel locking lug nuts on the vehicle. That just seems absolutely ridiculous to me. Thank you so very much in this matter… My phone number . Please feel free to call me or have anyone call me about this matter. Have a good day!

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