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Hi Mr. Hubert Joly;The main reason I am contacting you is because I went on – Hubert Joly email address

Marie sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

Hi Mr. Hubert:
The main reason I am contacting you is because I went on Best Buy Line to check the price OF an HDTV Antenna...the one I wanted was on sale @ 79.99. I went on the website on . The model # was C4-V-CJM SKU # 6761173. The sale price for it was 79.99. I tried to buy two of them put in my credit card which is valid....I put the # of the card in expiration the quantity of two.... selected that I would pick them  Since it didn't take the two items I tried just putting one in thinking maybe the website would only take one @ a time.
Something was wrong with the website because it wouldn't confirm My payment it just said I can pick up merchandise by the11/29 @ the Virginia store. I tried on 11/24 11/25 to purchase the two items. While I was on the website they have a chat line I asked what time they would close the girl on the chat
stated @ midnight. Went rushing over there they were already closed @ 9:00pm. Sunday I left the office @7:00 pm went over to the facility to pay for the items @ sale price since I was not able to purchase the items on line. The sales person said this is not on sale anymore...I asked for the manager of the store...he didn't even give his name ...he just stated 179.99 price that's what it is turned walked away. When I left the store I asked for the customer service # they gave me 888 best buy...yesterday I called them after 31 min a man came on stating he was a Supervisor said he could not find any of this I said I have an email from Best Buy....I could not tell him the date but due to I was not at work. He did nothing after 8 minutes of babbling he disconnected me. Here is a copy of the email dates:
Best Buy sent you 17 messages between Oct and Nov 2016, beginning with one regarding 'Welcome to My Best Buy'. According to the manager he stated they have no email with my email address. As you can see I was on line both the 24th 25 of November. I have been a customer for Best Buy and have never been treated so badly on the phone or in person.....I was not dressed professionally due to I went to the office on my day it was very chilly out I wore old comfortable sweats....I am upset also because I did make every effort to buy the items on line now the store will not honor the sale price when it is not my fault that their system was not functioning properly.....  Please contact me regarding this matter. Thank You Marie

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