Hi Mr John. I’m a young female by the name of Dionee and ive – Daymond John email address

Dionee sent a message to Daymond John – Founder, President, and CEO, FUBU – Email Address that said:

Hi Mr John. I'm a young female by the name of Dionee and ive recently been offered a job in your Fubu London store as a receptionist and I'm contacting you to find out whether or not this is a real life opportunity or whether I've been communicating with scam artists. I was contacted by someone claiming that they're from DAV recruitment and they instructed me to email my CV after viewing my advertisement seeking employment which was placed on the internet a couple weeks back. I was contacted by someone using your name and I was sent a contract which was set for me to sign. After searching online to see if any scams were if this nature, I found none and proceeded to sign the contract. I then sent it back to the email address which I was contacted from. The contract promised 4 weeks sick leave, 4 weeks paid leave, a fully furnished apartment and a wage of 6000 pounds plus medical benefits. Please advise whether this is a real opportunity or just a scam. I am from South Africa.

I await you're response herein.


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