Hi, Mr. Stephen Schwarzman You are a human or you are a God… You live at – Stephen Schwarzman email address

Abhinabh sent a message to Stephen A. Schwarzman – Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, The Blackstone Group L.P. – Email Address that said:

Hi, Mr. Stephen Schwarzman

You are a human or you are a God... You live at the earth or in a heaven? How has the life of billionaire person! Its first sentence came in my mind when I saw you in Forbes India magazine. I started to think, can a billionaire do every things? Can a billionaire achieve everything in his life? Can a billionaire spend life with full of happiness? They haven't any pain, sorrow to loose of any dear someone ever in his life?
I felt that all is true! Money has reason to achieve almost everything, first of all happiness in life. What's a magic in money exactly I got know when my beautiful wife said she deserve to a rich guy after 3 years relationship and left to me. Such that was a moment’s tear was in my eyes and face was laughing, what is it? Has money everything in life, love, emotions, trust everything? How can she do as? But it happened. That was a time I got realized, yeah may be money can be the reason almost everything. When I joined Indian Railway as my career it was enough for happiness to me, I wasn't a rich man but always my effort been to fulfill her desire. But who get know, thought never comes true!
Mr. Stephen Schwarzman you are the lucky man; at least no one will think to leave you.
: - Abhinabh

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