Hi. My name is Anna. I know this is a long shot, but I – Edward Lampert email address

Anna sent a message to Edward Lampert – Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings – Email Address that said:

Hi. My name is Anna. I know this is a long shot, but I am reaching out to Mr. Lampert.
Sears and KMart are plummeting, but it doesn't have to be this way! The problems are not hard to see! When you search Sears online, it is mostly bad reviews of service, installation, or customer service.
I work in our Central Mall Texarkana, TX location, as a cashier. I come in, clean the registers and sales floors, stock freight that is still not out, front all of our products for a decent looking sales floor, organize everything visible to our customers, size all of our clothing for the convenience of our customers, do what I can to assist customer's as a tool consultant, when all of our consultants are busy or unavailable, on top of my actual duties of cashiering, taking payments, doing lay-away, signing members up for Shop Your Way, trying to get credit, and providing customer service to the best of my abilities! I have no issue doing all of this on top of my job to assist my co-workers, until the ones responsible for these jobs, do not even do their part! Then I still only get 19 hours a week on a good week! Our management is a joke. When corporate was called on our store manager, they said that they "have never had so many reports on a single person." If contacted, I can give detailed explanations of many occassions that our management has been beyond unprofessional, leaving our customers out high and dry! We have to ask so many questions before a customer can check out that they get annoyed and say they'd rather deal with Wal-Mart. "Are these gift items?" "Would you like to donate to Heros/Homes?" "Are you a SYW Member?" "What is your phone number?" "Would you like to provide your email so we can send you special deals?" " Would you like to join the Craftsman club?" "Are you paying with a Sears card today?" "Would you like to apply for a Sears card?" They just go on and on! We need to figure a way of going about these things differently! I understand they are to benefit both us and the customers, but after so much, we are all getting the losing end! Credit apps are a whole ball game of their own. We are suppose to keep our credit apps at 100%. It seems easy until you are the one responsible. I have worked Men's Apparel and had one customer in a whole shift. Yes, credit percentage goes on a sale base, but when I have tons of sales in Tools but few credit apps, then a slow rest of the week in Men's, I don't get the credit percentages and have to be lectured on how "It isn't that hard to do, if I'd actually try!" Its rediculous, and this is just from a cashier stand point. There is so much more I can help you look at, if you, Mr. Lampert, would contact me
I love my job, but I don't plan on staying much longer, if things stay unprofessional. Work with me, and let's benefit each other, our company, and most importantly out customers thst determine our fate! (Kind of an undervover boss thing maybe.) Come work a couple shifts with me as a 'new trainee' and ler me show you how bad it is! We can turn this company around!

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