Hi, my name is Crystal. I worked for Sonic Drive in for – Clifford Hudson email address

Crystal sent a message to J. Clifford Hudson Chairman and CEO, Sonic Corp. that said:

Hi, my name is Crystal. I worked for Sonic Drive in for four years 6/2008 - 3/2012.

Today I went by the corporate office for Sonic in Austin Texas

I was requesting my past W2's or check stubs. The lady that spoke to me whose name I do not know, sorry was very rude to me. She had an attitude and her customer service was poor. I felt like it was a slap in my face that she treated me this way because I had worked for sonic for 4 years and this lady treated me like garbage. She told me she was going to charge me $25 per W2. I told her I had no money for that and if she could give me check stubs instead please. She had a sour attitude and said she would "go see." I sat in the office wanting to cry because I couldn’t understand how this lady was employed for Sonic. See I always have great things to say about Sonic. I always give my customer service skills credit to Sonic because that where I learned most of my knowledge with work. Anyway she came out and gave me a paper that looked like it was typed up (not W2 or check stub) and said "Here This is all I got. I just show you worked for us in 2011." That’s when I seriously wanted to lose it. I WORKED AT SONIC FOR FOUR YEARS. How could she be telling me that I only worked in 2011? I remember exactly working as a sophomore in high school. I closed many shifts and struggled with school work the next day.. I had to. I had to help my family. I DO NOT understand why its not showing in your systems! I need immediate help. Please. This lady was so ugly to me she does not represent Sonic well. She told me she is the HR lady. She went to check the system again and the second time she came she told me she found documents (w2) when I worked in 2012! so why didn’t she find this information the first time around!?!?!? Please sonic help me. I’m just asking for records of my employment with you guys. And please address my complaint to this lady. I had such a bad experience and I hope Sonic stands by what I believe this company is- professional and customer service driven. Thank you very much. Please contact me.

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