Hi my name is Demi. I live in Austin, Texas. I bought a used – Roger S Penske email address

Demi sent a message to Roger S. Penske – Chairman of the Board and CEO of Penske Corporation – Email Address that said:

Hi my name is Demi. I live in Austin, Texas. I bought a used car from Round Rock Toyota 8 months ago. I have had endless problems with my car since I bought it. I've had to replace 3 ignition coils, my car stalls, the engine malfunctions, black smoke blows out of the exhaust when I speed up, and the most recent issue is that I cannot shift into reverse, neutral or drive. The key gets stuck in the ignition and when I finally get the key out my car is still running. So my issue is that the used car department at Round Rock Toyota did not tell me about the problems. I believe they sold me a lemon. It's been exhausting trying to drive a car that hardly works. The dealership is not working with me at all, they are making it very difficult for me to get into a new car. I've had this car for a very short amount of time; and this issue needs to be fixed. I need a new car! This is round rock Toyotas fault, not mine. This is not right. I need to be in contact with Roger Penske, and this issue needs to be resolved.

Thank you!

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