hi my name is Jamie I am seeking to get a tubal reversal I’m – Abigail Pierrepont Abby Johnson email address

Jammie sent a message to Abigail Johnson – President and Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments and Chairman of Fidelity Worldwide Investment email address that said:

hi my name is Jamie I am seeking to get a tubal reversal I'm asking for help a donation I recently lost my daughter 3 years ago 2 diabetes and I am wanting another child but my tubes are tied I recently got married to my husband and I cannot give him a child I want to have a child more than anything more than anything that's what I'm praying and I'm praying and I'm praying and asking for help I'm asking that you consider taking it into your hearts and understand where I'm coming from I never totally recover from losing my baby and it hurts to this day and I know nothing can ever take that pain away but I pray that I'm able to have a baby one day I was praying for a miracle to get pregnant with my tubes being tied because I know I can't afford to get them untied I was just praying that somebody will help me with a miracle and find it in their hearts to help me help me to see what I'm trying to do I only want a baby that I can love careful and take care of I 'm not rich and I don't have no money really but I have a lot to offer I have for the children that I'm raising and I'm raising well with God in our lives I only ask that you take into consideration that I have been wondering ever since I lost my thirteen-year-old daughter 2 diabetes I also want to be able to give my husband a child that we can have and share together I'm praying for a tubal reversal and I'm praying that you can help me I'm praying in the sweet name of Jesus that you can really just fine and deep down in your heart you just send out a loan and help me so I will try deeply to pay you back whatever if you can just get in contact with me send an email whatever I would greatly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and if I can just pay you back little by little I will I mean I'm not asking for a handout I'm just asking for a loan or help or donations or something just to help me please allow my dream to come true please please thank you

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