Hi! my name is Lisa im 47 ,And a mother of an 11 year old – David Brandon email address

lisa sent a message to David Brandon – chief executive officer of Toys “R” Us- email address that said:

Hi! my name is Lisa im 47 ,And a mother of an 11 year old boy named Sage,I was looking online for people or companies that help families when they've falling on hard times financially,and toys r us was one of the companies that came up,Wasn't sure if there is a procedure to this or if i just write in,so i guess im just writing in,This is new to me so forgive me if im doing this wrong,Anyway im trying to find help with giving my son a Xmas this year,I know most of the population is in the same boat as us ,but i never realized that we are one paycheck away from being homeless if something were to happen,Which it did,My husband is a pipe-fitter for a big company that makes water treatment plants,Well in October he was hammer drilling and his hand popped,he was in extreme pain and couldn't do anything with his hand,Now he just had surgery so he's got to heal and go through physical therapy ect...,He's still employed with this company technically, but only because he was injured,And they sure aren't making it easy for him with workman's comp,they are fighting his claim even though his supervisor was next to him when he got hurt,they didn't want him to file a case cause they didn't want it on their safety record,I ended up filing for him after we got some advice from a lawyer,His company didn't like that,So they are fighting his claim,which means he can't get a weekly,or bi-weekly check,his last day at work was 10/18/16 and we've had no income scene the week after that, it was his last paycheck,we've sold some of our valuables to pay some bills,Our rent was do on 1st of December and we still haven't payed it ,We have our car for sale hoping to use the money for rent along with another month paid so will have some sort of a safety net .We are stressed to the max ,and fighting constantly ,And with all this i forgot its Xmas time,My son hasn't said anything,he hasn't complained,he hasn't even told me what he wants for Xmas,he's probably worried he'll stress us out and will fight,I feel really bad cause a 11 year old boy shouldn't have to worry about anything but playing n school,im not expecting much really ,Not even sure if ill get a reply,or my letter read,But in the small chance it does and something good could happen i will swallow my pride for my son,Sorry this was so long,if you are able to help with just a few gifts or even a gift card, I promise when we are back on our feet ,We WILL ABSOLUTELY PAY IT FORWARD to someone in need,we've never experienced this before, and i pray our issues dont go farther then some Xmas gifts,God bless you,And thank you so much for your time. Gratefully Lisa,

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