Hi, My name Is Ori and I’m an undergraduate student in Israel, studying Middle – Stephen Schwarzman email address

ori sent a message to Stephen A. Schwarzman – Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, The Blackstone Group L.P. – Email Address that said:

My name Is Ori and I'm an undergraduate student in Israel,
studying Middle East Studies, Islam and Philosophy.

I have heard about the Schwarzman Scholar program and red a lot on theur website
about the vision of shaping and educating a new generation of world
leaders who have the right skills to advance the world and to deal
with international problems which rising up throughout the 21's century.
I must add that I find it really important and identified with your
vision as a hole.The importance of understanding the Chinese cultural
and economical world in order to bridge the western civilization and
the east, aiming the enlargement of world's prosperity is clear and
I surprisingly red that in order to apply, one should be under the age
of 29 at the beginning of the program. Unfortunately I will be 29
years old a few months before and for that reason I will not have the
opportunity to try to get accept for the program, even though I'm very
much motivated and have the ambition to participate in such a unique
project. In addition, I personally think that leadership means also
perspective and life experience. therefore, an age restriction
shouldn't be a central factor on the account of skills, character, and
future aims.

The reason that I still didn't finish my degree is that in Israel,
everyone must serve in the army for at least 3 years (for man). When I
finished high school I went to study Jewish Studies for 3 years and
than I enlisted to the army. I served for 4.5 years in the IDF, in the
special Air-force unit called Shaldag.
Shortly, that's the reason that I still have one year to finish my
degree and because of that I won't be able to apply for the Schwarzman
Scholars, although it became on of my strongest wishes.

I would really like to ask you to give me the chance to apply for the
Schwarzman Scholars program even though I'm to old and considering my
life experience and nationality, which we all know it's lack of
inspiring leaders . I think that I can receive a meaningful and
open-minded experience, but also to contribute and give from myself to
it and afterward, to the world in general.

Thank you very much,

Looking forward to hear from you.


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