Hi my name is Sonja Pedersen, I currently work for family dollar here in Arcadia – Howard R Levine email address

Sonja pedersen sent a message to Howard R. Levine Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Family Dollar Email Address that said:

Hi my name is Sonja Pedersen, I currently work for family dollar here in Arcadia FL. There has been a lot of things going on at this store lately that arent right and dont know who to turn to. For starters the store manager, a assistant manager and cashier got fired in one day. Im not 100℅ sure but from what I was told the cashier (Katrina) was fired cause her draw was short, the assistant manager (tabby) they said that she stole a 50 cent bag of chips and store manager not sure cause stories keep changing an the assistant manager and manager were fired off of heresay . I worked last on Wednesday the 31st, a day after everyone had been fired, an the assistant manager jasmine asked me to stay an close but my babysitter for my son had to be relieved so I told her I could not but if she needed me to let me know an I would work something out. She texted me that night asking if I could work the next morning and I told her that was fine but only until 2 because my mom had a apt at 2:40 and she was watching my son, so we left off at that until she called me shortly after telling me I was already on the schedule to work from 230-1030 which I told her I could not work an had already worked out with the previous manager Frankie, an she told me that anything that happened when she was manager doesnt matter,so she told me if I cant work it that i wouldnt have a job. Later that night I received a phone call from DM Elaine that I was fired cause if I couldnt come in an work that shift Im refusing to work an would no longer have a job. I explained that I had a schedule that I was given n was on the schedule, DM Elaine said that whatever schedule I was giving that it was longer valid n I had to go by the new one which I wasnt given enough notice. It was then told to me that since I was turning down the hours I was considered quitting my job which I wasnt. I tried talking to the assistant manager jasmine but she wasnt any help either. There has been problems at this store that I notice side I started working there. The assistant jasmine smokes pot and face times while on the clock. She goes in the pet isle so she is not seen on camera. She is always out of range when she is needed for change or problems with customer or merchandise she is never around. She also doesnt get things done that she is left to do by the store manager an often would have the cashiers pick up her slack. Also, assistant manager tabby witnessed her multiple times stealingclothes that were damaged by changing the price to less than a dollar I brought this up n store manager Frankie was investigating but couldnt say much because her mother who is now the new store manager that took over Frankies position is good friend with the DM, also Frankie was going to train me to be a assistant Store manager but Frankie had to be careful cause she had learned that assistant manager jasmine and her mom from another family dollar store and the DM Elaine were all very good friends. I had gone to seek legal advice about to problem and I was told to call corporate or someone higher up. I was also told not to sign or talk to anyone until i speak to someone from corporate. I havent been back at my job and need help fast so I can go back to work. Please contact me immediately to help resolve this problem. Thank you Sonja Pedersen

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