Hi, my name is Swayla Lauderdale a frequent spender of Sears mainly at the Parks – Edward Lampert email address

Swayla Lauderdale sent a message to Edward Lampert - Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings - Email Address that said:

Hi, my name is Swayla Lauderdale a frequent spender of Sears mainly at the Parks Mall in Arlington Texas. I have over looked the local complaints about their poor customer service skills, until it became disrespectful my last two encounters. My first complaint was because an employee that was not even assisting me, continue to let myself and the cashier know that he was ready to closed down the register. At the time cashier could not figure out which item on my account I needed a refund, as well as my surprise points were going haywire. I apologized to the young cashier, as complimented him on his professionalism at 20 minutes before he closed. I tried to return the little girls dress again I did arrive 30 minutes before they closed because of health reasons. Monique was my cashier but Darryl a manager walked up and confused the situation more and was too aggressive for me to continue communicating with so I left and called corporate. I was told every time that a manager would call, no one never did, all the way up to level 3. And Mr. Lampert, that is when I realized that this store only contacted corporate and characterized me in such a way that hurts, marking me as a person Im not. Mr. Mike McCarthy whom I have not seen or spoken to since 2014, I did not know he still worked there. And he gave an ear full about me personally. And what he told them has caused me not to be able to rightfully return one item, that I paid for with cash. No one would help because he said pacifically not to work with me. Now I have been marked or characterized, and to discriminate is to make a difference in how you treat or favor on a basis other than individual merit. He told serious a lie about me. Every Christmas I do get one than one layaway and they are all paid for and I have every last receipt, I do not mind showing them to you, Ive been a nurse for 10 years and I have NEVER been treated this way in my 32 years of life. I have not transgressed against them, I used my freedom of speech and reported the two bad encounters so they can train better, Now it has been used against me and because of what Mr. McCarthy said about me I have not been able to return the Minnie Mouse dress and get my $36 cash, and now it is over 30 days to return. Thank you for servicing and helping, God Bless and hope to hear from you and resolve this simply!
Swayla Lauderdale
Case number 47433642
Contact # 682-221-6155

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