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Hi my name is Wayne Layman I live in Oregon. I have purchased three new Harley s 05 wide glside, 07 softail custom., and now a 2017 electra glide limited. I was on vacation in riverside California. I was there to part take in west coast thunder. I traded my 07 softail custom in on a 2017 Electra glide. Riverside HD told me they would not charge me Cali tax because I lived in Oregon first lie. They did charge me the tax. When I got back home to Oregon the finance company called because the dealer didnt give them all the info needed for a loan. Then I get a letter from California DMV stating they are suspending my plate. for lack of insurance which Riverside HD had all that info to give them but didnt. But in talking with the DMV it turns out that you cant have a vehicle with a Cali plate and a Oregon address which is what I have thanks to Riverside. I just spent all day at Oregon DMV who is trying to help me fix this. When I asked Riverside like every other time they said they would call right back and that was the last I heard . After all of this I will never buy another one of your products not that they are bad. But I have never been treated like this in my life. And I will spread the word. Im retired and have lots of time as I cant ride the bike until I get this fixed. Just a fyi.

Wayne Layman

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