Hi Roger, My name is Jennifer , my husband and i rented a truck from – Roger S Penske email address

Jennifer sent a message to Roger S. Penske – Chairman of the Board and CEO of Penske Corporation – Email Address that said:

Hi Roger,
My name is Jennifer, my husband and i rented a truck from your company on Nov 26th from Home Depot in Dickson City PA. We got a 16 foot truck, when we got it back to our place to load we noticed the floor was all wet from leaking, I called Penske and they told me Home Depot had another truck and we could switch it out. We went over and switched trucks and by the time we did that we were about 2 hrs behind on packing. We decided on Wednesday Nov 30th we needed one more truck to get the rest of our belongings to Va, we had to be out of our apartment that day, my husband got online and re severed a 12 foot truck. I got to Home Depot to find out it was a 16 foot truck, I opened the back to find out it was the same leaking truck from the previous sat. I called roadside service to see what we could do since there were no more smaller trucks at the store. I had to drive the truck to Jessup PA to have them pull it inside to patch the leak since it was pouring outside. Again we were about 2 hrs behind on lading the truck, We had people helping us pack since we have a 3 year old and a new born. They saw what we went through with the trucks and I want them to be able to recommend your company but as of now I'm not sure they will. My husband and I are moving again this summer and want to use your company again but with everything we went through Im not sure if he will want to. I dealt with Shane Webb at the penske place in Jessup PA and he was wonderful, very nice and made sure they did what they could to get the leak fixed. However the whole other experience of this move was awful and very stressful dealing with leaking trucks. We spent around $900 in Truck rentals and it is just very frustrating to spend that much money on a move that was not smooth, especially since I am on maternity leave and not bringing in any money. I hope there is something that can be done to fix the frustration and time lost due to the truck problem. Several people that I talked with that work for Penske all said I should complain and try to get a refund, I also contacted through an email on your Penske site and have not heard anything back that is why I am contacting you. Thank you for your time.


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