Hi Scott, My name is Dan and I’m one of the producers of- Scott Flanders email address

Dan sent a message to Scott Flanders CEO, Playboy Enterprises, Inc. that said:

Hi Scott,My name is Dan and I'm one of the producers of the award winning comedy feature film "JACKHAMMER" that is being released world wide September 2, 2014 with a TV series spin off taking place at the same time. This film includes stars such as Pamela Anderson, Jamie Kennedy, Nicole Sullivan (Mad TV), Robb Wells (Trailer Park Boys) and more.Our production team is collaborating with some of the biggest and only the best on-line personalities, social media groups and companies including many Top 500 Alexa Sites for a global marketing push. Nitro Circus and Travis Pastrana are a couple of examples of the many cutting edge alliances we have formed. We would like Playboy Enterprises to be one of these companies. This and our future films are being distributed in a revolutionary way that allows us to share massive profits with our partners. Audiences will be engaged and have fun as we collectively promote our products. For example, Playboy can be written into future episodes or movies! Our partners in turn will promote specific episodes to their large online community thus creating a mutually beneficial partnership. This exciting opportunity utilizes original content to bring something of value to our mutual audiences, and to entice the masses in a way that traditional marketing cannot do. Our team also believes in giving back and we are happy to donate to charities and causes of our partner's choice.We have created this quick 2 minute vimeo video to better explain how we are breaking the mold, and the way that our films will be distributed in the next few years. If you are interested in discussing how we can have fun and create a win-win situation, please contact us I look forward to talking soon.Dan

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