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Hi Shantanu, please find below, the transcript from my contact with the tech team to – Shantanu Narayen email address

Malcolm sent a message to Shantanu Narayen President and CEO, Adobe Systems Incorporated – email address that said:

Hi Shantanu, please find below, the transcript from my contact with the tech team to help me get Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements working on my recently repaired laptop. It seems crazy that the tech team can't provide me with new serial numbers to allow me to run version 11which I have used for the past 4 years.

Many Thanks in advance


Chat Transcript

info: Thank you for your patience.

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info: You are now chatting with Shivangi.
Please don’t close the chat window or browser tab since it will end our chat session.
Shivangi: Hello! Welcome to Adobe support.
Malcolm: Hello
info: Your chat transcript will be sent  at the end of your chat.
Shivangi: I see that this is a technical issue. I'll need to transfer this chat to the technical support team so that this issue is resolved in this first contact itself.
info: Please wait while we connect you to a representative.
info: You are now chatting with Neeraj.
Please don’t close the chat window or browser tab since it will end our chat session.
Neeraj: Hello! Welcome to Adobe support.
Neeraj: May I know if the Elements 15 program crashes or the computer crashes ?
Malcolm: the laptop shuts down without warning.
Neeraj: Does it happens only with Photoshop elements or Premiere Elements ?
Malcolm: No, it started crashing after I loaded both photoshop and Premier. I have now taken the 15 version off my machine and using version 11 but I don't have the box the disc came in and need the serial No's to allow me to continue to use 11
Neeraj: I just checked couldnt find any version 11 Serial number registered under this Email
Malcolm: I may not have registered it after purchase.
Malcolm: the code on the disc
Neeraj: Thats not going to help
Neeraj: Is the computer working fine after uninstalling Elements 15 ?
Malcolm: it seems to be ok the last couple of days. It would only run foe about 5 mins before shutting down.
Neeraj: Let me tell you, Elements Programs doesnt have any such capability that can crash a computer. The program may crash due to various reasons but it can not crash the computer for sure
Neeraj: So you can have it installed get the computer checked once for any further issue
Malcolm: I am running windows 10 on a i5 2.3 ghz laptop with 8 gig of ram. is this good enough for version 15?
Malcolm: Should I go back to windows 7?
Malcolm: Is there no way of getting my version 11 codes back is it seems to be working fine
Neeraj: The configuration is good enough
Neeraj: Unfortunately since we do not have the Seiral number at our end, there is no way for thaty
Malcolm: So after just purchasing version 15 and having lost the box to version 11 you cant help me extend the trial version of 11 a am running now. surely you could give me some codes that will allow me to run 11
Neeraj: Unfortunately there is no such option available
Malcolm: Thank you Neeraj, I will have to take this further, I'm not happy that there isn't a process that will allow me to have new codes.
Malcolm: Can you give me the e-mail address of the CEO so that I may take another route.
Neeraj: Do you really think it is possible to give you the Serial number of a program which is 4 years old now , which is one that we do not even sell now, which was not even purchased from Adobe, Which is not even registered at our end. How can we provide a new Serial number for version 11. If you have lost it , find it at your end there is no other way. We do not deal with version 11 anymore. If you need to make a comaplaint, write it on Adobe forums
Malcolm: I think I will e-mail Shantanu Narayen the CEO and see what can be done. Thank you for your time.
Neeraj: All Right
Neeraj: Thank you for contacting Adobe. Good Bye.

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