Hi Sir, I had booked a Renault KWID with a token money of Rs.20 – Carlos Ghosn email address

Amit  sent a message to Carlos Ghosn – Chairman and CEO, Renault – Email Address that said:

Hi Sir,

I had booked a Renault KWID with a token money of Rs.20,000 on 07th March 2016 for the showroom in Kolkata (225C A.J.C. BOSE ROAD, KOLKATA).
Now I received a call from this showroom in the mid of April that the car would be arriving in the 1st week of May so if the payment could be done then they can deliver the car within 15 days after receiving the payment.
So I went to the showroom and made the full payment on 26th April 2016. So the showroom guy said that I would be receiving the car within 15 days.
Now on 21st May (Saturday) the guy called me and said that the car has arrived and receive the car from the showroom. I reached the showroom with a driver and after reaching there this guy told me that there were some issues with the car that has come, so they would be providing the same on Monday (23rd May). This was a real harassment as I took a driver with me (full waste of money and time).
On Monday I called them up and they said that they would be providing a new car and it would again take 2 weeks more. So what is this going on, really a awful experience. Its been almost 2months, I am waiting for the car and still havent received yet.
So Sir if you could please look into this or I want my money back. I have said this to the showroom guys also.


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