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Hi Stephen,

Greetings from Asset Strategies International.
We have a lot of great information that we can discuss concerning our precious metals programs that help you “Keep What’s Yours”.
Our updated website, AssetStrategies.com , provides detailed information on our products.
You can also utilize our online trading platform, ASIPMDirect.com. Account creation is complementary.

Holding a portion (5%, 10%, or even up to 20%) of your individual or organization’s assets in precious metals has proven to be a means of wealth protection. Here is an example of an ASI suggested portfolio allocation pie chart:

We sell all of the major silver and gold bullion coins and bars. Prices will be based on the spot prices of the precious metals at the time you call.

Did you know that precious metals can be an important part of your retirement planning? To learn more, visit ASI’s Precious Metals IRA page.
To open an Precious Metals IRA account using ASI’s advanced online trading platform, visit ASIPMDirect.com. This IRA uses the Entrust Group as the custodian and allows you to purchase qualifying bullion coins and bars online and store in various global locations.

I also want to mention our Rare Tangible Asset Program (RTA).
RTA’s, such as rare coins, rare stamps, and rare strategic metals, provide portfolio diversification.
They have proven to be uncorrelated assets with impressive historical rates of return.
They may act as hedges against inflation, a form of wealth protection, and carry legacy potential.
Speak to an ASI Preferred Client Relations Specialist this month to join the Rare Tangible Asset Program.
I have enrolled you in our complimentary monthly email newsletter (Information Line) and weekly email newsletter (Always Something Interesting) that have great information on Precious Metals and related topics.

We look forward to assisting you.
Please call ASI  for customer service or to place an order.

DISCLAIMER: Asset Strategies International (ASI) is a licensed precious metals dealer in the State of Maryland. ASI does not provide tax or legal advice.

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