hi Steve, I happen to frequent the Delhi – Chandigarh Highway here in India with my – Steve Easterbrook email address

Bulbul  sent a message to Steve Easterbrook- CEO of McDonald’s – email address that said:

hi Steve

I happen to frequent the Delhi - Chandigarh Highway here in India with my family, hence stopping at Karnal Mcdonald's is more of a custom with my children as they are a big fan of the mcdonald goodies.
But to my disappointment all this while this particular outlet never honours my sodexho meal vouchers, which otherwise are honoured by all mcdonald's outlets. The staff justification is that mcdonalds does not allow accepting meal voucher for food orders across all highways!!
My concern even more when the adjoining Dominos outlets at he same location accepts open heartedly these meal vouchers hence attracts my interest!!
It is quite unjust of Mcdonald's to deny the sodexho / any meal vouchers which are a part of my salary to be used on all food and bevrages. Even teh sodexho says on each of its voucher that t can be used across India, then how can McDonald's be chossey about which outlet of theirs would they accept these and which one it would not!!!
HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL of your company to practice this unfairness amongst its customers.
I had recorded the staff 's denial to accept the meal vouchers and hence forcing me to pay my meal money via cash, if you would like to view the same I could share it with you as well.
I was denied of my right to choose how I would pay my meal money, and I was forced by McDonald's to pay only and only via cash when I had my meal vouchers and wanted to use the same at that point in time.
Kindly revert with your review of this issue, failing which I pre assume that McDonald's is willing following this practice and hence harassing its customers which are especially children, with whom we are more comfortable if they can pay using meal vouchers.

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