Hi team Samsung I’m a freelance photographer having covered the past 4 Australian Open Tennis – Lee KunHee email address

Jason sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Hi team Samsung
I'm a freelance photographer having covered the past 4 Australian Open Tennis tournaments and such. I couldn't wait to get my hands on your new Note 7 for many reasons including its camera.

I pre ordered my Note 7 through Telstra and received it in the first week of it's release. I did the same with the Note 1 and Note 4. I had 2 extra batteries for each of the first Notes and a full sweet of accessories to match. I've convinced many family and friends to get on board with the Note series over the years as well.

For my Note 7 I purchased a wireless charger, Gear VR, 5 usb type c cables, a 2 port usb 3.1 type c card for my desktop pc, an Anker 10,000 mha power brick, a Rhodes microphone, a hand made leather cover, rear skin and screen protector. That lot cost $650 and was purchased from JB HIFI, ebay and others so I can't get a refund. All of these items are of no use to me now although the usb type c items and microphone will eventually be useful. I don't earn much so it's a big deal to me when a fantastic new Note series phone comes out and I upgrade.

The offer of an S7 on a 2 year contract does not suit me at all as it doesn't have the pen and being locked in for 2 years would see me miss the release of the Note 8 and Note 9. I've given my Note 4 to an Apple user to convert them so now I'm left without a phone on the 15th of December when the Australian telecommunications networks cut their services to the Note 7.

The Note 7 was/is the greates mobile phone ever produced but there where 3 things that nearly stopped me from upgrading, the curved screen, the glass back and sealed battery. I was concerned about the strength of the glass, the fact that I couldn't recharge my phone instantly and a very slippery glass back. I dropped my Note 4 on concrete 3 times with minimal damage to the outer edge. My Note 7 slipped out of my pocket as I sat down. It fell 450mm on to gravel and cracked the full length of the screen on both sides along the 2 curved edges. The slippery glass back and curved screen had both failed me in the first week. Then the battery failed all Note 7 owners and Samsung.

I hike and camp out deep in the mountains during winter in heavy snow. I use my phone to record audio, video and many images. It's also used to record my tracks/speed/altitude via apps and gps aswell as fitness data and of course it's my life line for help. This past season I put myself in a very dangerous situation and managed to get a connection to call for help. Search and rescue crews set out on the worst night of weather in many years. 14 people where involved that night and I only just made it out the next day. My Note 4 allowed me to swap out batteries to stay in contact that night. Yes the Note 7 is water proof but the 10,000 mha power brick cost $80 and is 10 times bigger and heavier than a phone battery and it only gives 1.5 recharges in sub zero temperatures. But I do really appreciate the IP68 rating.

I also have a pair of Levelover headphones for a year now and was on the brink of buying a Gear360. If I could afford it I'd also have one of your 4k tv's aswell.

So there's my story of the love of your company and the appreciation for your innovation and willingness to push forward and give us, the technically minded consumer, exciting new products that are not only rewarding but life saving as well. Thank you.

My personal requests for your Note 8 would be the Note 7 plus 6/6.2 inch 4k screen for VR and image viewing, IP68 rating and removable battery?, 4k 60p video, metal back cover and corner covers.

So now I have 5 days left with my Note 7 and no phone to go on with. I eagerly await your Note 8 and hope it shows the world again that Samsung is the tech leader of both innovation and component manufacturer.

Yours for life

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