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Hi There,
I dont know if you read these are not, but I thought I would try... my husband and I are retiring this year and we bought a NEW ultra glide.. 500 miles later it is in the shop with a oil leak, due to a mess up in the factory. Now they are saying that they are going to replace the part, instead of giving us a new motor??? We understand that things happen, but to not do the right thing, instead of the cheap thing, just blew me away. My family has been riding Harleys all my life, my husband has been riding for 15 years, and when they came back to us with that result We couldnt believe it. Never did we think Harley was this kinda of company, I guess times has changed...
If you would like to look into it..
Work# 60342

Funny thing is if this was your Bike, I bet this wouldnt happen.

Like I said you might not read this but I had to get it off my shoulders...

Your customer service was no help, Rich #3008554 Was only telling me what I knew and when I would ask a question..all he kept saying waa I Dont Know!!!!
Too Bad

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