Hi There, I don’t usually contact the CEO or even executive relations with a company – Victor Kislyi email address

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G Gallant sent a message to Victor Kislyi Founder and CEO, Wargaming Email Address that said:

Hi There,

I dont usually contact the CEO or even executive relations with a company unless I am very upset or frustrated. In this case it still holds true, the frustrations I have are not with your company itself but with something that is having a negative effect on the customers that love your games.

I have played both WoT and WoWs and had an excellent experience in game. However, the out of game experience in WoWs has been less than stellar recently. A community rep ran a competition and blundered through the award process causing many people who followed the rules of his contest to be extremely frustrated. He award the top rewards to people that had not even qualified for the contest ( using premium ships in a non premium contest). To add fuel to the fire he delayed the contest results until after the main prize of the contest - The Tirpitz - was no longer for sale in NA.

I contacted him and support to express my frustrations in both the handling of the contest and the delay in the results causing many to lose their opportunity to buy a Tirpitz.

He has never replied to me, while account support tells me it is not their problem as it is run by another branch of the company.

Customer relations is a very important part of every company today, people are fickle and if we do not look after each and every custom,er as if they were our own - even when another branch of our company makes an error- we begin to create a negative impression of our product.

I write you today to express my frustration in how this has been handled by your team as a whole - they lost focus on the customer - and in hopes that you can evaluate the process in which different areas of your business communicate with and help customers. I hope that through this feedback you can help to improve Wargamings relationship with its customer base and enjoy a long and profitable future.

I also look forward to being able to purchase my Tirpitz when it becomes available on the NA server again.

I do not expect a personal response to this letter, however, it would be great if you or someone on your team took the time to acknowledge that you have received this email.

G Gallant

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