Hi there, I recently learned that there may be changes coming to the main Street – Robert Iger email address

Samantha sent a message to Robert Iger – Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company – Email Address that said:

Hi there,

I recently learned that there may be changes coming to the main Street characters in Magic Kingdom. I have been a dedicated Disney fan most of my life. We plan our vacations around visiting WDW (I am in Canada) and I am there at least twice annually on top of our family vacation for a quick weekend trip with friends. I spent my honeymoon there, and 15 years later, we are starting to try and plan a vow renewal there.

Many years ago I met a wonderful gentleman whose character name is “Scoop”. I have had so much fun interacting with him, that I have planned my visits to ensure it is during times he is working. He helped me start as a pin trader, taught me to love so many aspects of the park, it’s history and the magic. I love his character so much, I have an entire section in my pin collection dedicated to just Scoop. I have never had a visit with him where I left disappointed. I have extended my visits by an extra day just to be able to see him. Scoop embodies the Disney spirit. He makes every guest, no matter how old / young they are feel like they are the most important guest in the park. His smile is infectious and no matter what is going on - he leaves every guest he interacts with, wanting more Disney and feeling like part of a family.

I realize the importance of updating and changing things to keep the experience current. However I have recently heard rumblings that you may be doing away with Scoop and some of the other characters. Please, I implore you to reconsider this. Losing Scoop will change the makeup of that park forever. There are generations of children who still need some of his magic.



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