Hi there, My name is Charlene. Nice to meet you and thank you for your – Edward Johnson email address

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Hi there, My name is Charlene. Nice to meet you and thank you for your time. Well, my mother, the most beautiful woman in the world to me is headed toward a very bad financial disaster very soon unless she is able to get financial assistance/funding. My mother is elderly, disabled, has some serious health problems and has an extremely low income now. Not too long ago a few of her friends took financial advantage of her and the last tenants that lived in a duplex my mom owns turned out to be deadbeat tenants that also took advantage Id say financial advantage of her by breaking the lease, leaving without paying rent utilities owed and they destroyed the back apartment to a good extent.I guess they said they would "help" her get it rented but instead made costly damages that were not authorized. I have contacted different organizations and I am surprised that in 2016 there is not more grant/financial help for the disabled elderly in this state. So she has this duplex that is currently unrentable due to the extent of damage and natural aging. It also needs a new roof. The repairs are costly and the two apartments need to be fixed and rented as soon as possible. After getting a few estimates I realized my mom is in danger of loosing her rental property because of this and an overage of the taxes are over due. Then there is my mothers home that we dont want her to loose. The taxes are over due, the older home needs a bunch of improvements including a new roof, chimney, a new heating system, quite a few important things need to be fixed/replaced/updated that are important. As well, the home she lives in is an old family farm that need many repairs but there are barns in close proximity to her home. There is one barn especially - humungus beautiful old barn - and it needs a lot of repair from bottom to top to get it where it wont fall in a next wind storm. She would like to get this back into a working farm some day to earn income. But she is at risk of loosing it all soon if she cant get the two apartments fixed and rented. We have people weve received estimates from for the work - plumbing, roof work, electrical work, ceiling work, paneling, carpets, new small back deck that was fine as a back room that the extenants destroyed, miscellaneous improvements. If her bad friends hadnt conned her out of so much money and the bad extenants hadnt ripped her off for rent and utilities and caused so much damage to the other apartment my mom might have been better off for a while. Please help me raise the funds to help my very sweet but elderly disabled mother so she doesnt soon have a devastating financial situation where she cant even live in her own home due to all of this. Estimated cost of for everything is about $60,000.00 but it could be more. I have contacted all of the elderly, disabled, low income organizations and churches and no one will help her. Please help. If you would like to contact me I may not have internet soon,  Thank you for your time.

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