Hi, This is regarding claims specialist Kristi & Craig. I am – Glenn M Renwick email address

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This is regarding claims specialist Kristi Craig.
I am very unhappy with Progressive and Kristi's lack of customer service and lies. Please see below:

11/27: Jasmin was hit by one of your driver's who ran a stop sign, received a citation for it and fault was admitted on the police report
11/28: Jasmin spoke with Kristi who said there was nothing she could do as she had to verify coverage. The I (Jasmin's Mother) called Kristi only to be told she has to launch an investigation and couldn't guarantee anything would get done before she left for vacation on Thursday. But she would follow up with me on Tuesday either way....never followed up with me.
12/7: Geico rep calls Kristi and Jasmin sent an email to Kristi only to be told she can't finalize anything until she gets an original copy of the police report that she requested on 11/30 and it could take 10 days to receive. The police station is saying she didn't even order it until 12/7. Another lie.
12/11: Jasmin emailed Kristi to get status and was told again she was waiting for the police report to finalize. At this point jasmin, a college student who works 2 jobs has been without a car for 2 weeks because of an accident caused by someone else. Someone insured by you. Jasmin then calls the police station to get an original copy so she can fax it to Kristi only to be told that all original reports are located online at Crashdocs and all insurance companies are told this when they request copies and all of them use the website. So she is clearly stalling so Progressive doesn't have to pay for a rental. Kristi says she doesn't have access to this site. EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO THE SITE. But since she didn't order it until 12/7 the report won't show until 12/14.

This has been the most painful experience and your customer service is terrible. I spoke with Kristi many times on 11/28/15 and explained that I had a copy of the police report and could provide it. Why didn't she tell us then she needed an original copy? We would have gotten it??

When told that we would email to her, Kristi stated she needed more information than that. Absolutely horrible customer service.

Is this acceptable to you Progressive?

I am so frustrated with Progressive at this point.

Craig, one of the supervisors in claims, just called me to discuss the below. He was very rude and spoke over me and I was treated extremely unfair. I come from a world where customer service is a top priority and the way I have been treated has been discouraging to say the least.

Bottom line, Craig says that when you get in an accident when either party has Progressive, it take at least 2 weeks for the paperwork to get complete and for Progressive to do anything with the wrecked vehicle. He said even if Progressive was my insurance carrier, it would take 2 weeks. so I would be 2 weeks without a vehicle.

The claims specialist assigned lied to me numerous times and Craig didn't want to listen or hear me. He was extremely rude. I would have thought that with all of the choices out there when it comes to insurance, customer service should be top priority. Apparently not at Progressive. I will pass this along whenever I can.

Have a great day!

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