Hi! This is to let you know what kind of service we get from your – Gerard M Anderson email address

Duane Sheats sent a message to Gerard M. Anderson - Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy Company - Email Address that said:

Hi! This is to let you know what kind of service we get from your company offices of DTE.
We live in a rural area where we farm several 100 acres of grain, Some of the grain needs to be dried to keep in storage. It takes a lot of gas and electricity to get it dry. The rest of the year, our dryer sets idle. When we are using the gas, we get charged a rediculus amount for the meter each month. So we have to have the meter locked. Then I have to call DTE 3 or 4 times before I can get a bill for the gas and have the meter locked.
This year took the cake. On Oct. 5th, I called to get the account open and the meter unlocked to our grain dryer, which is a business or commercial account. I explained what I needed. Gave me a new account number and said the meter would be unlocked on Oct. 6th. Oct. 6th came and went and no one showed. Well here we are on a weekend. No one answers phones in this department. Monday, Columbus day. I thought this was for government offices only, I guess not. Tuesday rolls around and I called DTE business accounts and told them what had not happened. Got another person. You cant talk to the same one. Told me the meter would be opened on wednesday. In the meantime, I get an email telling me they will start my electric. The electric has been on year around forever. So I call back. Another person. I was told that I had to call another number for the unlocking to be done, but before the conversation was done, they changed their mind and said that they would call. My phone died in the meantime. So later I called again. Got another person who seemed to know what was going on. I was told someone will be out wednesday and will call first. No call, no service.
Looking through all my notes and papers from this disaster, I found phone number of one of your employees that we are not to call anymore, Gave the information of what was going on. They called back after an hour and told me someone would be out thursday and would call first. About 9am. a field man came to do the job, but could not set the pressure, so he called someone who could. Finally the gas was on by noon. This took a whole week. We cannot afford to wait this long for people who dont know their jobs.
Now here is another thing, when I called on Oct. 5th to open the account for the gas dryer, that person canceled my gas and electric for my house. Which is residential.
We have 7-8 accounts with DTE that are on different service addresses and are billed to my home address. Some are residential and others are business.
Please check into this and get your people to pay attention. They dont seem to know their right from their left hand.
Suggestion: Cut the cost of the meter charge so we can leave it unlocked. You will know if we use gas or not when the meter is read.
I would appreciate anything you can do to fix this problem. This experience has been very upsetting

Thank you!
Duane Sheats

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