Hi, this message is for Michael O’Leary please can you help my friend and I – Michael OLeary email address

Trudy sent a message to Michael O’Leary – CEO, Ryanair – Email Address that said:

Hi, this message is for Michael O'Leary please can you help my friend and I tried to book two flights to Tenerife from Manchester on the 24th June, the price said it was £105.00 per person but when we tried to book it on line their was a problem at ryanair I tried to phone but their was a message to say there was a Que then the line went dead I tried several times, so the next day I went on your site again then the price went up to £156.00 per person thats a big difference I have sent two emails to the complaints department and just get emails back with a reference number and saying someone will be in touch, I have just gone on your site again before I sent this email it is now £187.00 per person, please can you help with this matter as this is not my fault, and I dont think its fair the prices go up so much, I have not flown with Ryanair before.

Regards Trudy

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