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Hi Toyota,
I"ve recently called my dealer because it was brought to my attention that my vehicle might end up in a class action suit for rusted bed frames. I was told that they had no in formation and I was given a number to call Toyota directly.

I've then spoke with two individuals and told me there was a campaign back in March of 2016 which ended for my vehicle, and the current class action suit hasn't finalized.

Issue is, I never got any notification of these issues / recalls. In fact, I was told from the dealer I have THREE open recalls I have NO IDEA about, one concerning my seat belt.

Needless to say, the new class action suit will only provide service to those that are 12 years or less in ownership. I'm approaching that date come Jan 2017.

I'm appalled that when I called Toyota directly, I was told there's nothing anyone can do, and that me not receiving notifications is completely my fault.

All I'm asking is to allow me to receive the service I rightfully should have gotten as a first owner of my 2005 Toyota Tacoma truck. I can SEE the rust build up on my leaf springs and bed frame. I commute 80 miles a day for work five to six times a week. Toyota is basically telling me that it's my fault I'm in this situation, and if the lawsuit does not complete before Jan 17. I'm completely out of luck.

I really need someone to get me the repairs I need to keep my vehicle on the road. A vehicle I don't intend to sell / replace until it absolutely needs it. I bought Toyotas all my life, my first vehicle was a 91 Camry my dad left me. My family has owned many Scions and now a Sienna. As a loyal customer, I really feel I'm not getting the help I deserve, and my safety is "acceptable risk" due to some clerical errors that cause me to not hear about not one, but FOUR recalls on my vehicle?

Please consider anything you can do to help me in my situation. My information will be below:

Ka Man

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