Hi William, I know that this is outside of your responsibilities, and is below your – William H Rogers Jr email address

Kevin R Geurts sent a message to William H. Rogers, Jr. - Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of SunTrust Banks - Email Address that said:

Hi William,

I know that this is outside of your responsibilities, and is below your purview of importance, but I thought it was such a silly reason to lose a customer and I wanted to send you this information as I am sure it will help future potential clients.

I recently purchased a vehicle and while at the dealership was not asked what my preferred due date would be. Today I received a booklet that said it would be the 9th of every month. I work in a situation where I bill around the 15th of every month, and receive payments towards the end of the month, so I would like a due date of the end of the month.

I called to speak with your team and request that they move my due date BACKWARDS from 4/9 to 3/28 or asked how I could get my due date to reflect the date that I need the payments scheduled for. (or 3/30, 4/1 would have worked as well) I was told that there was no way that I would ever be able to get the 28th-1st as my due date. They said that it cannot be changed now at all, and after my first payment they would only be able to change the date 15 days forward. So, I am now stuck, prior to ever even making any payments, with being unable to pick the due date that will ensure I do not have any late payments and will work with my business.

I was briefly considering refinancing to CapitalOne to change to a 6 year loan anyway but had decided against it as it wasnt worth the hassle for 70$ a month difference; however, now that I will be unable to attain a due date anywhere in the range of what I need I am going to have to proceed with transferring my loan to them.

Anyway, it seemed like such a silly reason for your company to lose the money you would have made off of the loan. I am not sure how many future customers this may impact but I am sure there is a way to change this and I think your customer service should have escalated to get a date that would work for me.

Kevin Geurts

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