Hi, I am sending you the email as I was unable to find the Head – Mark Fields email address

Bhupinderjeet Singh sent a message to Mark Fields - President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

I am sending you the email as I was unable to find the Head office contact number or email address to make complain.
I am using Ford Figo since 2011. My car registration number is DL7CK-9618. I always get my car serviced from Harpreet Ford (Okhla). I am fed up with them now. My car was about to reach 90000 KM and had to get serviced. While driving home (Kalkaji, Delhi) from my office (Gurgaon) on 25th Jul17 the car broke down and was not getting started. It was indicating the red battery light on the dashboard. Finally I had to call the Crain service to get my car lift and reach the service center. Next day I received a call from Harpreet Ford Service Center asking about the issue. I told them to get my car serviced and about the gear issue. Also told them to check why the red battery light is indicating on the dashboard. I wanted them to check if that was the battery issue or the charging issue. It was Exide battery and was only 34 months old. In the day time I received a call from them again saying that it is not the charging issue but the battery needs to be replaced. They got the battery re-charged as the temporary solution so that I can it replaced. The final bill that I paid was Rs 12749 (6000+ for Servicing and 6000+ for the gear part that was replaced). When I started the car, the AC wasnt turning on. I asked the advisor about the same. “I am not sure why this happened suddenly” he said. Finally I had to leave the car to the service center again to check the issue related to AC. Next day they called me and said that the AC Blower needs to be replaced as it has stopped working. I was shocked. There was no issue related to AC when the car was sent to Harpreet Ford service center. They charged me another Rs 5344 for the AC blower. So in two days I spent Rs 18093 in bullshit Ford Figo car. Next day I got the battery replaced but after driving for 10-12 KMs, the red battery light started indicating again. Somehow I reached home. Next day (29th Jul17) I called them again and told them the issue still persists and now my car is not getting started even with the new battery. This time the lady I Spoke to said that I have to call the Crain service again to get my car lift and reach the service center. They were not ready to help me with the alternate solution. I called the person from Exide Company. He checked and said its the charging issue and the battery. He helped me with restarting the car and then I went to the Harpreet Ford Service Center again and got my car rechecked. Now this time the same advisor said that its the issue with the alternator pully. I was angry and asked then why did he tell me to replace the battery if the fault was with the alternator. I spoke to the Manager (Amar). He said that if the red battery light is indicating on the dashboard that means its the issue with the alternator and not battery. Now it was very clear that the car battery was working absolutely fine and the issue was with the alternator. I told him that I gave this information to your advisor that the red light is indicating. The advisor completely denied that I gave such information. It was really shocking for me again. I asked the manager to give me the contact number of the Ford Head Office as I need to make a complain. He clearly said NO. This time the bill amount was Rs 7319. The total amount that I spent on my car was 25412+4070 (New Battery) in 4 days. Whenever I go to Harpreet Ford, they start telling me about different new issues with the car so that they can charge me 20K-25K every time. They always tells me about new issues which never exists. I cannot even think about buying Ford car in future if this is the kind of Quality/Service I am getting from Ford. Now based on the whole story, I have few questions to Ford Company and I would like the company to give me the answers for all the questions asked.
1) I saw your advertisement on TV and it says “To get your Ford Figo car serviced even in 5th year, it will cost you only Rs 3114.” Can you please tell me what all is included in this service as they have charged me more that Rs 6000 for normal service?
2) Why the Ford technical engineer was not able to rectify the charging fault the first time when I said that the red battery light is indicating on the dashboard?
3) Why the adviser denied that I gave him the information of the battery indication on the dashboard?
4) How come the AC Blower got faulty as there was no issue with it?
5) I have spent Rs 4070 for new battery which was not at all faulty. Who is going to bear that cost?
6) Why the manager did not give me the contact number of the head office? If it wasnt their fault, he shouldnt be afraid of giving me the number.

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