@hiltonworld – Christopher J Nassetta – Conf.No.86207936/Embassy by Hilton Dallas FTW Airport N.-Ck. in 7/28-Out 7/29/18. Good Evening

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Conf.No.86207936/Embassy by Hilton Dallas FTW Airport N.-Ck. in 7/28-Out 7/29/18.

Good Evening, Mr. Nassetta and please know that I really hate having to write you because Hilton is my FAVORITE HOTEL CHAIN!

Traveled to DFW-Embassy to ensure that I would be able to see my Cheerleader Grandaughter compete on the morning of 7/29/18 at 7:30 a.m. at the Great Wolf Lodge across from the Embassy. I understood the "excuse our mess we are remodeling", but I love Embassy Suites and because I paid in advance I expected the same great Hilton service as always. What a stupid assumption on my part!!!
Because of cheer preparations I did not go into my restroom to take my bath until 10 p.m. NO WATER! The water to the face basis and commode ran all afternoon as needed, but I was unable to get water to the tub. I called the desk and about 11 p.m the maintenance person came up and said that while he apologized there was nothing he could do but offer another room...at 11:30p.m.!!! He said the engineer for the remodeling would be there at 6 a.m. Well, since we needed to be at the competition at 7:30 a.m. the next a.m. we made the assanine decision to wait for the engineer. No one alled us at 6 a.m. on that Sunday morning, nor at all. We called the desk and about 7 a.m. a person brought us another key to a different room and let us know they could do nothing. The other room was dirty and on the 7th FL, we were on the 2nd, and did not have time to move.
It was the most horrible situation I have ever experience at a Hilton - just unbelievable!

I got to the competition at 8:10 a.m. and missed seeing my Caitie!!!- the reason for the trip. When competition was over I went back to the HIlton. The Manager, whose name cannot recall, had no ... I am so sorry, but, when I asked how she would have liked that to have happen to her, especially when I paid in advance, her replay was to move her shoulders up and say ... I guess I wouldn't.! The attitude of this Lady/Manager was so not accepted. At the least, I think my daughter and I deserved an apology for the no water in the tub, the lack of a follow up in events, and just a...I really don't care!!! Please know the other personnel were very nice, the man who did the arrival help, the man who came up to say they could not do anything because of the engineer doing the repairs, and the young man who was at the desk and had only been with Hilton for 3 days, but was so sympathetic.

As a rule, I do not complain, but this trip was to support my Cheerleader Caitie, and I missed her cheer. And, I HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCE SUCH RUDENESS OR LACK OF FOLLOW UP AT A HILTON EVER, NOR HAS ANY OF MY BOARD MEMBERS AT THE PORT OF GALVESTON WHO I PUT AT HILTONS WHENEVER I CAN.

I just had to write because you need to know about this terrible experience. I have an upcoming reservation this month at the Embassy in San Antonio and then in for my birthday at the New Orleans Hilton Riverside, one in San Marcos in November and hopefully for New Year's. Please do not let this type of terrible and uncalled for situation happen to another guest at the DFW property. It seemed like this unresolved problem went on all night and an unpleasant trip back home to Galveston.

Thank you for your time and I certainly hope that your week is great and know that I did not mean to be a problem, but, I was not the problem, Mr. Nassetta. I do love the HILTON CORP!!!

Judy Esponge

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