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Leroy Thomas sent a message to Christopher Nassetta that said:

Dear Sir:
I stayed at the Home 2 Suites on July 22-23 2020. As I drove up I smelled marijuana coming from the outside of the hotel so I paid no attention to it. Once checked in I continued to smell the marijuana coming through the vents in the bathroom. My wife sprayed lysol and we made it through the night. The next day we checked out and I thought everything was fine until I looked at my bank account and realized I was charged a 100.00 cleaning fee. I called the hotel and spoke to the manager on duty who informed me that it was a cleaning charge. I told him I didn't smoke. He told me to speak to the manager of the hotel. Every time I called the manager was in a meeting. I called the corporate office and the person took a complaint. A few days later I noticed a 150.00 charge from the same hotel. I called the hotel and the manager on duty stated it was a cleaning fee. I said I was charged 100.00 as a cleaning fee. He stated it's 250.00 for cleaning. I reiterated, I don't smoke. He said speak to the manager, but he's in a meeting.
I called the corporate office again and spoke to Ms Shakita, I told her of the incidents and the charges to my account. She put me on hold and after several minutes offered to rectify the situation.
I write this letter for two reasons: 1(for Shakita) with her dedication to the case she proceeded with utter professionalism in assisting with righting the wrong held against me.
Reason#2 I firmly believe that scams are taking place at the Home Suites 2 Atlanta Perimeter Center. I base this on 25 years law enforcement experience. The hotel can say anything they want to get people to pay a cleaning fee. There is no was to really prove otherwise. The hotel manager is always in a meeting(so they say) , therefore he/she does not have to take any calls. There is no due process in many cases. For those that do not check bank statements, all is clear. For those that do check, unless that call the corporate office, there is no redress.
Please acknowledge Shakita for her dedicated work and professionalism and pay close attention to the Home 2 Suites; professionalism is not in their vocabulary,
Thank you
Dr. Leroy W Thomas

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