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Good Morning Mr.Nasetta,

As a proud Hilton employee, I just wanted to share with you the struggle I have experienced with my current company due to the Covid-19. My name is Kati Marosites, former Executive Chef at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hollywood Resort, Fl. My career had just reached its peak and things were going great. Once COVID-19 started things came to a quick end as I always thought in the food world I would have a job. Since my layoff March 18, I have recieved no unemployment and it has been a nightmare to the point that I have to move now because I can not afford my rent anymore as a single female in South Florida. Spending hours on the phone with the DEO Unemployment center to reapply or get hung up on. Applying for jobs constantly and trying to keep my head on my shoulders. At the beginning of the virus, our managing company had just made a switch to a brand new start up company called Our Town Hospitality. Their start up is taking over all of Drew Sims Sotherly properties due to him retiring and Dave Folsom taking over. Sotherly has some amazing properties but due to this take over and rapid decline of revenue it is making it next to impossible for the hotel to get started back up. The few people left have not been in touch with prior management or staff and GM told me that there probably will not be a Chef back in 2020. It is just so devastating and I get it, multiple companies are going through the same thing. If there was anything you could do for our property or even give them your business advice how to get back on their feet. The struggle is real and I will truly miss work for Hilton. In my culinary career this was my best hotel experience. I love that we use only organic foods, fresh fish unlike Marriott's frozen cryovaced at most properties, the hospitality and employee discounts at hotels around the world. I have return guests throughout the year that come just for my bolognese. That is what brings my passion and creativity to the fullest. Hoping in the future I can work for a Hilton again. It was fulfilling my dreams as a Chef. Thanks you for listening. I was always hoping you would stop by our hotel one day. We have a great Team. I had just heard your name mentioned on the Hospitality and Tourism class I am taking by Peter Ricci and he speaks very highly of you as well which made e decide to write this letter. Although unemployment has given me zero money and I lost my dream job, I will not give up! I appreciate all you do Mr.Nasetta and hope next Hilton I can be at a Corporate property. Thanks so much for reading this email. I just wanted to be heard.

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