@hiltonworld – Christopher Nassetta – Hi, I am completely dissatisfied and overwhelmed with the service of this hotel in Bradenton

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Hi, I am completely dissatisfied and overwhelmed with the service of this hotel in Bradenton fla I am still here. . I confirmed reservation for two rooms for my brother and I as we were traveling here as a result of a sudden death of a 40-year-old nephew. I booked two both with a king suite with a Jacuzzi/water pool. Apparently when I confirmed that I was getting my best rate they changed me to AAA and changed my room as well. None of that was approved by me and when I got to the hotel, my original CONFIRMED rooms were not available. Further, the front desk had one employee working, apparently new to the shift, a line of people behind me. Realizing that I needed to step aside and speak to a manager otherwise all of the people behind me were never going to be served as this employee was absolutely clueless. Admittedly she was absolutely overwhelmed and clueless. Finally the manager came down and when I say finally it took quite a long time. While the line continues to grow. I realizes neither of these individuals were stellar in customer service. I was never acknowledged as a Diamond member… until I advised them and received my 2 waters. I stepped away and decided to contact the Diamond desk separately and write a review on every platform I can find. In addition, this hotel is FILTHY. Rugs, floors, walls, bathroom sinks, it appears as if the rooms are cleaned weekly vs daily. As I Mentioned we are in town just 2 night for family death. This hotel, service, accommodations, lack of customer care ALL have made this difficult time for my family 100 times WORSE! To add insult to injury, there is a glitch in you “ customer email” system and it will not allow me to send an email. Henry, why I am here. Thanks so much Hilton, for the complete disregard for a long term honors customer 171293456 AND CLub owner - joanne Mcdaniel 518-221-4501

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