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Please respond to dhadra45@gmail.com

Hello we stayed at The Hilton honours in Bristol, Cadbury house, I specifically chose this place for the incredible views, the quietness, the gorgeous building and all in all it’s one of the Hilton brands, which I really admire the difference in styles and catering for different peoples needs.

This was a surprise for my wife to celebrate our wedding anniversary, after I had made my booking, I called the hotel on several occasions before my arrival to confirm that it’s our Anniversary, my wife is gluten free and vegetarian, and can I request for the best rooms with the beautiful view, and please can it be made special. I had spoken to Matilda twice who promised me, she will make us happy, ( I later found out she was the wedding organiser). I spoke to two other receptionists about having the view rooms, but never did they state they have two weddings during our stay. If they had stated this, I could have understood and compromised, or simply book else where as I would have had time to do this.

#Upon checking in, We got the worst two rooms, ground floor no views, no reception, or WiFi for our mobile phone’s

# Before even going to the rooms I immediately felt disappointed and, confused and embarrassed and asked to speak to the manager

#Operations manager Raivo arrived, he apologised and said he could not give us any other alternative apart from a full refund and for the four of us to find another hotel, this was after driving 3.5 hours from Hertfordshire, this was at 19:30 ! Already we felt unwelcome and in what context did the manager think this was even an option. He did say he will find out exactly what happened and feed back to us - we saw him walking through the bar several times, where we was, he didn’t acknowledge us once, nor has he feed back to us to this day.

#We got to the rooms that were not clean, marks of what looked like faeces up the tiled wall, the wall mirror had drink marks over it, the operation manager inspected the room, assured it is covid safe as they clean all regularly handled areas, he also said he will get someone to clean the rooms again - no one came to clean the rooms. #Later we found out the heating did not work, dead spiders in corners and window sill, and no soap, moveable wall lamp was dusty in room 34, elastic band on floor, no complimentary water bottles on table,

#Towels were not changed for the two days we stayed. My wife spoke to Bogusia on the second day whether she was going to clean room 32 and 34, she replied in her hesitant accent, “ no, it’s not on her list, no one told her to do those rooms”.

#The operations manager offered nothing as a resolution, to be honest he showed no regret or compassion, and only offered four free drinks.

#Resturants we’re booked in advance, and I was assured that in Marco Pierre White’s restaurant there would be Gluten free vegetarian options for my wife. On the day we spoke to the restaurant manager who advised us there’s only one option for the starter and main course and nothing additional is cooked. Again spoke to operations manager who basically said there’s nothing he could do, again no concern no customer service support. We had no choice but to cancel our booking and we had to go to Bardolino’s where we had booked our children in for that evening, as it was short notice for us to book somewhere else.

We did however have excellent response from Michelle when we went to see reception the next day early afternoon, she was more helpful than anyone else in the hotel, and so understanding, and couldn’t apologise enough, she had a look on the system for any other room availability, she had found two on the second floor but they were both two single beds. We went to have a quick look, these of course were exactly the same rooms as the ground floor but had so much beautiful natural light but again with the view of the car park. We decided to stay in our original rooms as 1. It was our anniversary and didn’t want to sleep separately, 2. The view was no better, and 3. We didn’t want to pack then unpack and pack again for the sake of half a day. She said that she cannot do much at this point and we should raise this with the operations manager. Which we then told her the story as above.

#Nearly £700 spent on rooms - how very disappointing and truly a waste of money. Especially when no one wants to help except for the people who have no power to do what should be rightly done.

I thought I would express my feelings and utmost disappointment to you first, before thinking of putting this out on trip advisor and any other means of social media, as our experience had started really bad and carried on rolling into a snowball, due to the lack of customer support from the operations manager.

Please ensure this is forwarded to the CEO, so he can acknowledge what is going on, within his hotels

Recent stay dates 25-27 of June 2021

Thanks Mr R Dhadra

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