Home warrant. Sear called 86 year old parents to take out a warrany. They where – Edward Lampert email address

sue nieland sent a message to Edward Lampert Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings Email Address that said:

Home warrant. Sear called 86 year old parents to take out a warrany. They where told if you appliances has a problem we will fix or replace it. We have the best protection in the industry. So out of that verbal contract in good faith my parents give monthly payments $49.99. Now that thier dish washer has water coming out from the bottom and called home warranty nothing can be done. I have called for 3 days an spoken to13 people who say nothing they can do. There a crack in the tub over the heater (that could of been caused by heater) but it is not covered. Yyet when sears called my parents they stated we will fix or replace and they didnt read from a booklet. In good faith my parents took the warrant out. Now it is like a bait an switch. We took your $600.00 but there nothing we can do. They paid the repair man $75.00 tocome out to hear you are screwed. After 3 days on the phone talking to, being hung up on and 5hrs hour of everyone saying they have no authority to help me.i have spoken to people at 800-792-6020,847-286-2500,800-479-6351,954-835-1900. Not one of the 13 people can help me. Can you fix my parents dish washer. Than you
sue nieland
4405 sabal ct bakersfield ca
parents info is under 661-392-9092will you call or email me for my dad is a cancer and dialysis patient.
noy asking for money but what they said they will do for them when they took their money

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