@HomeDepot – Craig Menear – Dear Craig Menear, I would like to reach out to you regarding a challenging situation

Lindsay sent a message to Craig Menear that said:

Dear Craig Menear,

I would like to reach out to you regarding a challenging situation I have had with Home Depot. I am concerned about the false advertising within your company and uncooperative staff at one of your branches. I would love any assistance you could provide to resolve this issue.

I ordered a washer/dryer from Home Depot online. Unfortunately, I was using the description to make my choices, which were inaccurate. The Home Depot online accidentally put the “ventless” description under both the vented and ventless versions of the Haier dryer. I attempted to return or exchange the item with the ventless version (obviously offering to pay any difference or accept store credit for the website error). However, due to the nature of construction, I did not see the error until after the 48 hour time limit had passed. I have been tirelessly working to get a refund, exchange or store credit. The Sport Arena Branch #0674 has refused to discuss options or compensate me for the false advertising. The online Home Depot has recognized that there was a description error and said that the local store branch should be able to make a return. However, the branch has been uncooperative in assisting in this matter. If the product was listed inappropriately, I should be able to exchange it for something that does fit that description.

I am very disappointed in Home Depot. I have supported Home Depot for many years via store purchases and stock holdings. Home Depot's typical return policy is one of the reasons I have loved Home Depot in the past. Unfortunately if we are not able to get this resolved, I will be unable to do business with an unethical company.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to resolving this issue. I am saddened that I have to reach out to you regarding this issue, but unfortunately have not found any assistance within your company.


Lindsay Hall

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