@HomeDepot – Craig Menear – Dear Mr. Menear My husband, myself and a friend will no longer patronize Home Depot

Patricia Fiedler sent a message to Craig Menear that said:

Dear Mr. Menear
My husband, myself and a friend will no longer patronize Home Depot. Why? We went to Home Depot today in Prescott, Az to buy 50 feet of rope for a home project. We were unable to purchase it because of your corporate policy. The personnel were forbidden to cut the amount of rope we needed due to orders from the home office. We could buy packaged uncut rope, we could buy a full reel (I think, it was unclear) of 150 feet. We could not even buy the partial reel . The reasoning was unclear. The person we spoke to did not know why so we asked for a manager. He stated they could not sell us the cut rope or even the partial reel due to the fact that some protestors were using rope to display nooses. That makes as much sense as not selling wood or matches because some people burn crosses, or white sheets because some people use them as members of the KKK. What kind of America is this that an infinitesimal minority dictates what we can or cannot buy for legitimate home improvement usage.
Racial bigotry is a horrible thing but overreacting and taking the rights away from law abiding citizens is just as bad if not worse. You are taking political “correctness” too far and this type of liberal management will cause your company to fail. I use the word “correctness” loosely as it is far from correct.
. Your actions are not only reprehensible, they absolutely make no sense. One can make nooses out the uncut packaged rope As homeowners we have spent thousands of dollars at Home Depot for various projects. That money will now be going to Lowes or other competitors.

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