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Dear Sir,
I am writing to complain about an incident that just occurred and I am hoping you can help me resolve. Last month, circa 13 May (I don;t remember the exact day but it was that week) I had a salesman from the installation service team to my house for a quote on replacing a few windows. After discussing what needed to be done and price, he informed me that I would hear from an installer within a couple days in order to schedule a measurement of the windows to be replaced and, due to the pandemic and the ensuing backlog, it would be about three weeks after that before my windows would be in. As that time frame worked for me I agreed to move forward. I have been very busy with my new house and making repairs so it was two weeks later on 27 May when I realized that I still had not heard back nor had my credit card even been charged the deposit fee. I called the salesman and got his voicemail so I left a message. He called back and left me a message that something in your system was not processing my payment but that he was addressing it and would call the installation manager to get someone assigned to my project. At this point my expectation was that someone would be calling me immediately or the next day at the latest. Two days later I still had not heard back so I called the salesman at around 4:30 PM to discuss this. I again got his voicemail and left a message. Instead of the salesman calling me back, an hour later the installer called me. The only problem at this point is that I was not going to be available due to important family business for the next two weeks to have the installer come measure. Knowing that I was looking at a three week backlog from the date the installer came and measured I deduced that there was little chance that my windows could be installed prior to July. This no longer fit in my schedule and so my desire was to cancel the order for now and I would revisit the project when I would have time again which might not be until next year. I told the installer this and he informed me that he would have to pass that back to the sales team as he did not have the ability to cancel the order himself. The next day the Sales Manager Brian Dudley called to discuss my issues and see if there was anything he could do. I reiterated what I had told the installer, that this time frame just no longer worked for me if they could not guarantee the project completion before July. Brian said he could not and so I asked him to please cancel the order and that I would recontact the installation team in 6 months to a year. Brian gave me no indication that cancellation would not happen. On June 2, three days AFTER I talked with Brian and four days after I asked for the project to be canceled the deposit of $970.92 was charged to my credit card. I only just noticed the charge this weekend due to the aforementioned important family business. This is completely unacceptable to me. I have been shopping at Home Depot since I first became a home owner 23 years ago. I have easily spent over $100,000 on home maintenance and home improvement projects over that time and I have calculated that over $80,000 of that was spent at Home Depot. In the last year I have easily spent $15,000 at Home Depot. This may not be a lot to Home Depot but it is a lot to me. I just moved into a new house last month and will likely be spending similar amounts over the next 20 years. Please rectify this issue for me. I respectfully ask that the $970.92 be refunded to my credit card. Thank you.

p.s. please do not be confused by my email address. I have my own email server and assigning HomeDepot as one of my addresses allows me to sort incoming email.

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