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Vonne Jensen sent a message to Craig Menear that said:

Hello Mr Menear, I Wam so sorry, but I had the worst experience at Home Depot today. My 90 year old mother wanted a storm door, so I ordered one online and my son picked it up. He got it home and it was the wrong size, so he took it back to exchange it. The cashier said it would be easier to issue a gift card since he was just exchanging. Well, he brought the second door home and it was still the wrong size (home depot doesn't carry the size we needed), so back we went. We were told they couldn't give us her money back because he purchased it with a gift card!!! What!!! I had just purchased it with a credit card 2 hours earlier, and we would have NEVER accepted the gift card if we knew we would get screwed. The ", manager" said there isn't anything to do, either take the door home or take the gift card. Well, the door is useless, and so is the gift card. What the heck is a 90 year old woman, with a broken hip going to do with a gift card???? All she wanted was a storm door. You lose grandma! I called customer service and was told by Justin (who just laughed) that he worked there and he should know if there was anything that can be done. This is so disappointing, we live 2 miles from Home Depot and my son is a contractor, we've never had any problem. I can't believe you're doing this to this poor woman, she can't afford to lose $300! It's very inconvenient, and my son hates to change, but I suppose we'll now have to go to Lowes. Thank you for your time.

Vonne Jensen

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