@HomeDepot – Craig Menear – I purchased the Akdy 65in 8 jet shower panel system stainless steel at Home Depot

BARBARA ADLER sent a message to Craig Menear that said:

I purchased the Akdy 65in 8 jet shower panel system stainless steel at Home Depot on 6/12/17. Two nights ago, my husband heard water running while we were asleep. He got up to find water spewing out of the temperature control valve, luckily mostly into the bathtub. He used a bungee cord to tie up the control to stop the water, and the next day we had our plumber come in. He took the panel off the wall and tried to remove the piece. He said he could not budge it- it looked like it was soldered on. He called Akdy, to describe the problem and they said it was just warrantied for a year, and they could sell him the parts. He told me between the cost of the parts and the cost of his labor, admitting he didn't even know if he'd be able to replace the part since it was impossible to get off but he'd have to charge me in any case, that it didn't pay.

I looked on Home Depot's web site and saw that the model number has been changed but it is the same shower panel available, albeit for 299.99 while we paid 229.99. Additionally, I noticed three reviews with the same problem. I, therefore, believe it is a product defect and that Akdy should stand behind its product and replace it for me. We do not have a high traffic household; just my husband and I, and I use a different bathroom to shower in, so maximum, this shower panel has been used no more than once daily, and in actuality less than that due to vacations and times away from home. Obviously a shower panel should last a lot longer than 2.5 years! The one we had prior was original to the house, which was built in the '50s, and was only changed due to updating the bathroom!

Akdy is not willing to stand behind its product, but as a longtime, loyal Home Depot customer, I am asking you to stand behind this product which is made exclusively for Home Depot and is obviously defective.

I look forward to a positive and timely response as we need to access this shower for the Holidays.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays,

Barbara Adler

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