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I went to the Home depot store talked to Johnny, the man in charge of credit cards at Home depot store number, 3021 and Johnny talked to Rosanne Hamilton
Basically what happened is: the subcontractor that Home depot hired to do my fence install, Steve Shipp with the company Specialty concept fencing in Raytown, Missouri, was the one responsible for telling my husband and I that Home depot has a promotional Interest rate on the Project loan for thirty six months free interest. It's my word against Steve Shipp, the contractor who installed it. I was also told that it had a lifetime warranty. The gate does not close because it doesn't line up with the latch and their seems to be damage to part of the metal rung.
I have had it with Home depot and their lack of responsibility with customers that get special projects done. The main reason with going through Home depot, when I could have hired a contractor on my own. Was the financing and warranty In fact, I could have hired Specialty concept fencing, directly and got better financing. The reason my husband and I went through Home depot, was because we thought that we would have better protection and a better financing.
I have dropped my auto-payments unless all of the interest is removed. At my age I am not worried about credit since my house is paid off and I can't own a car or drive. In other words I no longer care about credit. I have been paying 100.00 a month for almost three years and I recently found out that 70.00 of my payment was pure interest. I have contacted the Missouri attorney General's office

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