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Jaime X Garza sent a message to Craig Menear that said:

Mr. Menear,
I'm writing this email because I could not find a corporate address where I could mail a letter.
On June 17, 2020, I purchased a Rubbermaid 7x3 storage shed. I was told that the shed was on a high shelf and it would need to be brought down. I told the employee that I could pick up the item the next day so that they would have more time to get it down from the shelf.
The next day I returned at the appointed time, and a the shed was brought out to me. The box however was severely torn on both ends, and I was not comfortable with taking it since I could not be sure that it was complete. I rejected delivery and ask if the store would be receiving any additional sheds. I was told that the store would be receiving more of this particular shed on June 22, but it would not be available for pick up until June 23. I stated that that would be fine and I would return.
I return to the store on this date. After waiting 45 minutes for an employee to bring the box out to me in the loading area I exited my vehicle to walk back in and ask how much longer I'd have to wait. It was at this time that I observed an employee bringing out the shed. I hope you can imagine how I felt after waiting so long and looking at the same box I had previously rejected.
Mr. Menear, I have been a loyal Homedepot customer for better than 30 years. Home depot was the first store I went to for just about anything I needed for my home inside or out. I'm very disappointed in the service I received. I have had issues in the past with home depot with regards to getting/finding help inside the store, but I never let that deter me from frequenting your store. Sorry to say that as I write this my wife is on her way to your store to cancel our purchase. We will just have to find the shed at some other store. Thank You for your time.

Jaime X. Garza

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