@HomeDepot – Craig Menear – my son recently purchased a grill from the store in Charleston SC and rented a

Ernie wessell sent a message to Craig Menear that said:

my son recently purchased a grill from the store in Charleston SC and rented a truck to get it home which they helped to load. The grill was pre-assembled by Home Depot. When he tried to use it, it would not light but the odor of gas was overwhelming. He turned it off and called the store. Upon speaking with the manager, the manager wanted him to bring the grill back to the store and would comp a truck. He informed the manager that he needed assistance to load this large grill into the truck but what he was looking for was for them to drop off a safe and working grill and return this defective unit. He lives but a few miles away and thought that this would be no problem. The manager refused this and said his only recourse would be to bring it back and offered no help in loading it. My son is a Neurosurgeon at MUSC and is on call. He then called corporate and eventually got a tech who determined it to be a faulty regulator. The remedy that corporate decided was to send another regulator to my son. Since this is pressurized gas and normally done by licensed plumbers/pipefitters, is it Home Depot's position that the general public should be doing warranty work at home who are neither qualified or licensed? My son purchased this grill to relieve stress during this epidemic where he is on 24 and off 24 at the hospital. Treating covid 19 is stressful enough but now with corporate's position on defective propane appliances in Charleston SC do they need to prepare for propane explosions as well? My son is Jeffrey Wessell and email is jeff.wessell@gmail.com

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